World tobocco Day...

Make 100% Non tobacco Environment....Today Anti Tabacco Day

Neither ventilation nor filtration, alone or in combination, can reduce exposure levels of tobacco smoke indoors to levels that are considered acceptable, even in terms of odor, much less health effects (see Myths below).

The evidence demands an immediate, decisive response, to protect the health of all people.



  • Second-hand tobacco smoke kills and causes serious illnesses.
  • 100% smoke-free environments fully protect workers and the public from the serious harmful effects of tobacco smoke.
  • The right to clean air, free from tobacco smoke, is a human right.
  • Most people in the world are non-smokers and have a right not to be exposed to other people's smoke.
  • Surveys show that smoking bans are widely supported by both smokers and non-smokers.
  • Smoke-free environments are good for business, as families with children, most non-smokers and even smokers often prefer to go to smoke-free places.
  • Smoke-free environments provide the many smokers who want to quit with a strong incentive to cut down or stop smoking altogether.
  • Smoke-free environments help prevent people – especially the young – from starting to smoke.
  • Smoke-free environments cost little and they work!


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